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Advice for buying a safe

What do you want to insure?

Private use

Commercial Use

(for example, jewellery, cash, coins, watches, documents, weapons)
(for example, business documents, customer information, balances, medications, data storage devices)

How big should your safe be?

Dont worry about your spacial requirements. What is more important is that you allow for additional future items.
The purchase of a safe is for ever, therefore it is pointless to choose a safe that is bigger than what is currently required.
The difference in price is often very low.

Fire protection

Check whether certified fire protection is necessary.
Most safes from insurance class EN1 are already slightly protected against fire, as a standard.
But if you want to play it safe, you need a safe with certified fire protection
LFS30P - at 840 C for 30 minutes
S60P/S120P - 60 or 120 minutes at 1090C (paper)
S60DIS/S120DIS - 60 or 120 minutes at 1090C (data storage devices)

Burglar-proof protection

Safes without security classes are oftentimes just double-lined cabinets with 3-5mm steel sheeting.
If burglar-proof protection is necessary or a certain security grade is compulsory by insurance, you can choose from the following catagories:

Security grades according to VDMA and EN14450 (Light protection)

Security grade A*

Security grade B*

Security grade S1

Security grade S2

Protection against light mechanical agencies/burglars tools, no fire protection. Protection against light mechanical agencies/burglars tools, and against small fires. Protection against mechanical agencies/burglars tools. Protection against mechanical agencies/burglars tools and protection against small fires.

* The specification VDMA-24992 was withdrawn without substitution.

Security grades according to EN1143-1 (High protection)

Defined and type-tested burglar protection against attacks with mechanical und thermal tools. EN0: -
EN1: CHF 5'000.00 - 5'000.00 *
EN2: CHF 20'000.00 - 50'000.00 *
EN3: CHF 50'000.00 - 100'000.00 *
EN4: CHF 100'000.00 - 200'000.00 *
EN5: CHF 200'000.00 - 500'000.00 *

* Amounts for trade or private. In conjunction with an intruder alarm system, these values double.

More information on burglary and fire protection.

The assessment of the security of a safe depends on the different inspection authorities that award certificates with national or Europe-wide validity.

Safes that have been made according to VdS regulations and in accordance with European standards, offer you the guarantee of the defined burglar-proof and fire protection of the indicated security classes. Safes for these standards are type-tested and are found to have a consistent quality; they are also subjected to regular inspection. Mller-safes fulfil these requirements comprehensively and reliably.

Before a safe series is approved for marketing under these provisions, it is tested extensively in a testing institute belonging to VdS (Association of Insurance companies, Cologne). Only when all of the criteria are fulfilled, can the safes be appropriately certified and then given marketing approval.

The VdS or ECB-S labels are visible on the inside of the safe door (see the following patterns).


If you want to insure the contents of your safe, the professional fastening your safe is a minimum requirement of a weight of 1,000 kg, must be performed by VdS (Association of Insurance companies, Cologne). Each safe (according to VdS or ECB:S respectively) is therefore prepared by the manufacturer for floor fixing with a net weight of under 1000kg. The fastening must be done professionally with heavy duty dowels (stud anchor).

Notes on data protection and fire protection certification

Magnetic data storage devices are the most sensitive commodity that needs physical protection.

In long term studies, knowledge gained confirmed that even at temperatures that would leave somebody cold, the magnetic tape and magnetic disks in disks are vulnerable. It takes temperatures over 50 Celsius and of relative humidity of over 85%, in order to destroy the valuable disks of a company and with it (as the case may be) the question of its existence. However, so that you can be sure that your disks are safe, you should pay attention to the certification marks of the graded goods S 60 DIS and S 120 DIS.

Endurance test from Braunschweig Technical University

The legislature and insurance companies place high demands the protection of documents and data. In order to ensure the physical security of your important data in extreme situations, safes come from accredited testing laboratories and are divided into grade classifications. These classifications describe the fire resistance of a data protection case under sustained fire.

The Braunschweig Technical University endurance test provided the excellent Mller disks-safety results. The test chamber survived, unscathed, fire for 60 to 120 minutes, respectively, at a mid-temperature of c. 950 degrees Celsius, at its peaks, the flame applied was at a temperature of 1090 degrees Celsius. In addition, the test chamber was loaded to the medium capacitythe disks, provided by the Technical University of Braunschweig, are able to survive a burst of fire and an impact test from 9.15m. The tests showed high contingency reserves for magnetic data storages. The requirements set out in the certification class ECBS CO2 were met. This qualified the certification mark of EN 1047-1 with the check note of class S 60 DIS und S 120 DIS.

Excerpt from the Certification Guideline-Fire Resistance Products-ECB S C02 July 2007

In the framework of the monitoring tests the auditor notes, whether the certificate holders manufacture, on the basis of a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000 (EN ISO 9001:2000). The maintenance should take place at least twice a year. The number of maintenances can be reduced to an external quality control once a year, if no defects were found in the first year.


Application of the certification label

The test standards of appropriate products must be identified by certification marks. Example of a certification mark for a data cabinet S 60 DIS according to EN 1047-1. The certification marks are numbered consecutively and are obtainable from ESSA. Your allocation to a product of certification is documented.

GrafesQuality features for fire-protection

Documents and data cases according to EN 1047 must be subjected to a fire resistance test to determine the increase of temperature in the interior of the storage units. The test simulates the case of the a fire, a with a burst of fire and an impact test (for example, from the ceiling) on the products.

S data storage unit from EN 1047-1
60 60 Minuten flame exposure
120 120 Minuten flame exposure
P suitable for heat-sensitive paper documents with limits of up to 170C
D suitable for heat-and moisture-sensitive media with exposure limits of 70C and 85% humidity.
DIS suitable for heat-and moisture-sensitive media (discs) with exposure limits of 50C and 85% humidity.

Mechanical or Electronic Lock?

Mechanical locks

Electronic locks

You do not need to remember an unlocking code, only those who need access to it will have a key Electronic locks are opened with a 6 digit code. There is also no key that needs to be hidden, can get lost, or get into the wrong hands.
It may be the case that burglars could search for the key on the premises, potentially leading to a considerable amount of damage The code can be changed as often as you like
The keys are usually very large, and thus cumbersome to carry In the need of instant access whilst you are away, the code can be given out over the telephone.
The cost of losing a key is very high The batteries must be changed over time

Introduction by qualified personnel

We strongly recommend that our trained staff introduce to you and install the safe, as without this, most can just be taken away by burglars. We carry out this work professionally and cost-effectively for you. For prices, please refer to the menu option: Delivery and Installation

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