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Why choose us?

No matter which type of safe you are searching for

Our company has been successful in handling safes and valuables insuring for over 30 years. With our many years of experience and acquired know-how we now aim to make online safe purchasing as simple and transparent as possible.

We set great value on the reliability of our partners as well as receiving high quality products. Personal consultation and service for our customers is out priority.

As a result, we have a large range of products in order to offer our customer one particular safe: the right one.


Our professionals have been working in the security sector for over 30 years.

This experience comes as an advantagge to all our customers and guarantees the best consultation for valuables security, alarm systems, safes, locking systems, etc. as well as best quality.


Especially in the security sector, where the aim is to keep personal valuables safe, trust between the customer and the company plays an important role.

This is also becoming increasingly relevant for personal details that are given for the purachasing of goods online.

We take the trust that is put in us very seriously and ensure a responsible and discreet process.


Our team has many years of experience in all aspects of valuables security. We competently support, advise and plan individual solutions and products for our customers.