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Format Value Protection Safe Topas Pro 5: NEW in our Product Range - March 2021

16.03.2021 | Our News

The New Format Topas Pro 5 Value Protection Safe in our Range

Format Topas Pro 5 Value Protection Safe

We recently added a new model to our Topas Pro series. The Topas Pro 5 is the smallest version in this series but nevertheless comes with Security Level EN2 according to EN1143-1, which was certified by ECB-S and VdS. The Topas Pro Series is highly versatile and can easily be used for the storage of keys, cash, or even file folders.

Format Topas Pro
Quick Information: Type Format Topas Pro
  • Security class 2 in accordance with EN 1143-1
  • Highly resistance door sheet and corpus protecting against mechanic and thermal devices
  • Secure, three-sided lock through locking bolts (diameter: 40 mm) and rigid rear grip section on the hinge side
  • External door hinges allow for a door opening angle of 180
  • Additional lock-edging and fail-safe plate make break in attempts more difficult
  • Enhances lock armouring
  • Three-armed handle, silver (protruding approx. 76 mm)
  • Folder-deep shelves
  • One socket for anchoring in the rear wall
  • Varnish: RAL 7024 (Graphite grey)