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  • Hotel Room Safes & Hotel Safes

    Safely stored valuables also during your holidays | The quality products by Tresor Online guarantee the highest protection and absolute reliability. You are looking for the right device so that your most important documents and valuables are safely stored? You can be certain that one of our safes is the perfect choice for your hotel! The simple, uncomplicated operation for both customer and reception, combined with reliability and a fail safety for multiple years are what make our hotel room safes into all-round convincing products.

    Especially affordable: Benefit from up to -40% discount on the unit price!

  • CLES hybrid M safe CLES hybrid M safe

    CLES hybrid M safe

  • CLES hotel Hotel Safe CLES hotel Hotel Safe

    CLES hotel Hotel Safe

  • N-PSN Hotel Safe small N-PSN Hotel Safe small

    N-PSN Hotel Safe small

  • Rottner RFID LAP Hotel Room Safe

  • CLES guardian 100-1 Hotel Safe

  • Rottner RFID 1 Hotel Room Safe

  • N-PSN LAP Hotel Safe large

  • CLES guardian 100-0 Hotel Safe

  • Format Tiger M Furniture Safe Format Tiger M Furniture Safe

    Format Tiger M Furniture Safe

  • Rottner Prestige 250 Hotel safe

  • Rottner Prestige 500 Hotel safe

  • CLES guardian 100-4 Hotel Safe

  • CLES hybrid L safe

  • CLES hybrid S safe

  • Dometic NPSN Hotel Safe medium

  • Format Panther 25 L Hotel Safe

  • Format Panther LPT 1 Hotel Safe

  • Format Tiger S Furniture Safe

  • Rottner Prestige 200 Hotel safe

  • Rottner Prestige LAP Hotel safe

  • Most hotels have their rooms equipped with a safe. Om our website Tresor Online you may find an extensive selection of various hotel room safes. Similarly to furniture safes, they are also easily integrated into the room's interior. Your guest's valuables such as laptop, cash and credit cards will be perfectly hidden and protected from burglaries. Our safes are characterized by an exceptionally sturdy manufacturing. The corpus is constructed in a manner that will make the breakup nearly impossible. Some of these safes come with a fire protection and have a decent resistance level (Class VDMA 24992 A and B). The pre-installed wall- and ground-anchoring will impede theft of the safe as a whole. We recommend the professional installation of hotel room safes. In an excellent hotel it won't be easy to find, or break into, such a safe.

    Security Classes for Hotel Room Safes and Hotel Safes

    The security levels will provide information about how securely your valuables will be stored. Thanks to the guideline there will be information about the amount of the insurance sum. This guideline has to be adapted in correlation to the stored items. Information about the security levels is provided on the sticker on the safe's inside. If the safe is furthermore either fire- or tamper-proof, there will be two extra stickers attached.

    Steel cabinets can be assigned with security level A or B in accordance with the VDMA 24992, if the required construction crIteria are met.

    • Security level A - decent burglary protection; no protection from fires
    • Security level B - limited burglary protection; protection against decent fires

    First-Rate Quality and an Elegant Design - Visually Appealing and Certainly Secure

    Hotel Room Safes / Hotel Ssfes
    Hotel Room Safes

    During travels it is just as important for your guests to be sure that their most important documents, cash and prescription medication are safe as it is at an other given time. Thanks to locking mechanisms via electronic locks and modern anchoring techniques our safes may provide the highest level of protection. Hotel safes are easiest to be handled via a code-operated system, The master-code, or the emergency key, will come in handy in cases in which the code is lost or forgotten.

    A hotel safe is a small, affordable solution with an electronic lock for private persons who are looking for an alternative to value protection safes or wall safes. However, you will have to consider the missing insurability of the safe. The installation is simple and affordable. The combination method is considered the safest option of securely storing your valuables.

    These compact safes are especially suited for the secure storage of items with a medium to high value:

    • Jewelery
    • Cash
    • Credit / Bank Cards
    • Passports
    • Laptop
    • Items of personal value

    Easy Installation of Your Hotel Safe

    There are various different gradations in connection to the built, the size and the design of hotel room safes. Then smallest models have a hight of approx. twenty-five centimeters. Criteriafor finding the fitting safe for you are weight, inner measurements and numbers of folders and shelves. Extensive accessories such as an interior safe, shelves, LED-illumination, and many more, can optionally be chosen for most of our models.

    Free Shipping within Switzerland and Professional Installation if Requested

    Sekuri's Tips for hotel room safes

    Via Tresor Online you will not only receive a quality safe, but also:

    • The free shipping of your safe right to your doorstep
    • The professional anchoring of the safe by our employees

    The safety of your customers is essential to us. This is why we want to provide you with the opportunity to securely store your products. Your satisfaction is the main focus of our efforts. Let yourself be convinced by our hotel safes.

    You still have questions concerning our offers or our shipping and installation conditions? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly help you with the selection and configuration of your desired model!