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Müller Safe Value Protection Safes BM1 - BM2 - BM3: NEW in our Range - Oktober 2020

07.10.2020 | Our News

The New Value Protection Safe in Our Range

Müller Safe Value Protection Safes - Three New Series

Discover our new value protection safes BM1 - BM2 - Bm3 and save up to 5% for a short period of time!

The new safes by the manufacturer Müller Safe are available in three different security levels, each of which comes in seven variations of size. All series come with a double-walled casing and a multi-layered door, which will protect your valuables from smaller fires. The series BM2 and BM3 furthermore have a key bar, featuring five hooks, attached to the inner door.

By using the coupon code "BM2020" you will receive an additional -55 discount when purchasing one of our Müller Safe value protection safes. This offer is valid until 29. November 2020.

-5% discount on our new Müller Safe value protection safes BM1 - BM2 - BM3 (Valid until 29. November 2020)
Müller BM
Quick Information: Type Müller Safe BM
  • BM1: Security Class 1 according to EN 1143-1
  • BM2: Security Class 2 according to EN 1143-1
  • BM3: Security Class 3 according to EN 1143-1
  • Door Thickness BM1: 74 mm; BM2 & BM3: 106 mm
  • Casing BM1: 25 mm thick; BM2 & BM3: 50 mm
  • BM2 & BM3 furnished with a key bar including five hooks on the inner door
  • Locking mechanism: Locking on four sides, three sided bolt work
  • Rear grip profile additionally secures the hinge side
  • One socket for anchoring on the base plate and rear wall (rear wall not drilled through)
  • External hinges allow for a door opening angle of 180°
  • Varnish: RAL 7024 (Graphite Grey)
-5% discount on our new Müller Safe BM value protection safes (valid until 29. November 2020)