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Rottner Gun Cabinet: NEW in our Range - January 2021

15.01.2021 | Our News

New Rottner Gun Cabinet in our Product Range

Rottner Gun Cabinet Dakota 8

This high-quality gun cabinet by the manufacturer Rottner was certified with security level EN1 according to CSN EN 1143-1 SZU/CZ and provides enough space for up to eight rifles! The rifle mounting made from foam ensures tidiness and order in our safe.

Rottner Dakota
Quick Information: Type Rottner Dakota
  • Security class 0 in accordance with EN 1143-1
  • Limited fire safety thanks to a circumferential fire fold
  • Door sheet: 5 mm
  • Door thickness: 53mm
  • Three-sided locking mechanism enabled by six locking bolts with a diameter of 25 mm (model 10: 8 locking bolts)
  • Inlay hinges, door opening angle of 90
  • Cleaning rod mounting
  • Rifle mounting made from foam material
  • Height-adjustable shelves
  • Manual lever hinge, chromed (protruding approx. 60 mm)
  • Secure three sided locking mechanism enabled by massive steel locking-bolts ( 18mm), rigid rear grip hinges
  • Two sockets each for anchoring in the base plate and rear
  • Varnish: Anthracite grey