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Safe of the Month - January 2021

14.01.2021 | Our News

Safe of the Month of January 2021

CLES guardian Hotel Room Safe

The high-quality hotel safe made from steel is available in four different sizes and perfectly suited for the safekeeping of electronic devices, documents and valuables.

By using the coupon code TDM012021 you will receive an additional -10% discount when purchasing a CLES guardian hotel room safe. This offer is exclusively valid until 31 January 2021

CLES guardian 100-200
Quick Information: Type CLES guardian 100/200
  • Single-walled casing from 2,5mm steel
  • Door panel from 5mm thick high-quality steel
  • Double-walled door, 43mm thick
  • Door-opening angle 90
  • Hinges on the inside
  • Opening direction DIN right
  • One-sided bolt locking with two bolts (18 mm ∅)
  • Carpeting on the inside
  • Varnish: black, powder-coated