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Safe of the Month - May 2021

03.05.2021 | Our News

Tresor des Monats May 2021

Müller Safe WSL1 Gun Cabinet

This sturdy gun cabinet can hold up to 20 rifles and belongs to security class 1. It can also be used to store guns and ammunition. In its standardized version, the Müller WSL1 comes with a security double mortise lock.

By using the coupon code „TDM052021“ you will receive an additional -5% discount when purchasing one of our Müller Safe WSL1 Gun Cabinet.
This offer is exclusively valid until 31st May 2021.

-5% discount on our Müller Safe WSL1 Gun Cabinet (Valid until 31.05.2021)
Müller WSL1
Quick Information: Type Müller Safe WSL1
  • Security class 1 in accordance with EN 1143-1
  • Door and casing with a multi-layered special construction
  • Gun mounting made from foamed material on the back side with integrated shelf
  • Cleaning rod mounting on the door's inner side
  • Total door thickness: 74mm
  • Lock: Four-sided, locking, three-sided via the bolt works
  • Door opening angle of up to 180° due to external hinges
  • One socket each for anchoring in the base plate and rear wall (rear wall not drilled through)
  • Collapsible handle for the models WSL1 1 to WSL1 5: protruding 12mm (additionally to the outer measurements)
  • Hanging handle for the models WSL1 6 to WSL1 10: protruding 60mm (additionally to the outer measurements)
  • Varnish: RAL 7024 (Graphite grey)