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Safe of the Month - December 2020

01.12.2020 | Our News

Safe of the Month of December 2020

Bordogna BRIXIA Value Protection Safe

Elegance has a name: BRIXIA. Elegant, timeless design. Exclusive accessories and an electronic lock with security level EN1 in compliance with EN1143-1 as a standard. Security and style are united in this safe.

By using the coupon code TDM122020 you will receive an additional -5% discount when purchasing the Bordogna BRIXIA value protection safe. The offer is valid until 31 December 2020.

Bordogna BRIXIA tre Value Protection Safe

Bordogna BRIXIA tre Value Protection Safe
  • Security class 3 in compliance with EN 1143-1
  • Double-walled casing
  • Thermal insulation in the corpus and door
  • Steel- and manganese-basis to protect the mechanics
  • Bolts with a square profile, which are also protected from an attack from above
  • EN 1300 certified electronic lock (Level B)
  • One socket each for anchoring in the base plate and rear wall
  • Varnish: RAL 9016 (White) oder RAL 9004 (Black)