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No matter which safe you are looking for, our company has been successful in the field of safes and value protection for over 30 years. With our experience and know-how, we have made it our goal to make safe online shopping easy and transparent.

We attach great importance to the reliability of our partners as well as high-quality products. Personal consultation and service of our customers is a special concern for us.

The result is an optimally coordinated assortment in order to be able to offer our customers exactly one safe: The right one.

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SEKURUM GmbH stands for modern thinking and modern solutions in the field of security technology. We are constantly researching new approaches to solutions and improvements in order to be able to optimally support our customers.


More than 30 years of experience have shown us one thing: In order to be successful as a company, you have to look to the future with an open mind and not close your mind to new ideas and technologies, as well as making the best out of the tried and tested. SEKURUM GmbH has dedicated itself to this principle.


Open cooperation with our business partners and customers is an important pillar of our company. We have no secrets, except when it comes to the data security of our customers.


Customized solutions at fair prices and personal, expert advice.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. With us, everyone should feel totally safe.


Short transport routes, clean electricity, avoidance of unnecessary waste and many other actions are a matter of course for us to make a small contribution to keeping our world not only safe but also worth living.


Whether it's new materials and smart technologies or forward-looking new forms of distribution and strategies. SEKURUM GmbH sees itself as a fundamentally innovative company.

SEKURUM GmbH - Experience

Richard Valenticz



For more than 30 years, our professionals have been successfully working in the security sector.

This experience benefits every customer and guarantees the best possible advice and quality you can rely on in all areas of value protection, alarm systems, safes, locking systems and much more.

Whether classic mechanical combination lock, modern electronics or other problems and technical questions, I am happy to help!


Especially in the field of security, the protection of personal and material valuables or living space, trust in a contracted company plays a particularly important role.

This also applies, and increasingly so, to personal information that is provided on the Internet, for example, in order to be able to shop online.

We do take the trust placed by our customers seriously and assure you of responsible and confidential processing.

The security of your data is particularly important to us. That is why we use all technical possibilities to ensure that your data is just as protected with us as your valuables are in our safes!

SEKURUM GmbH - Trust

Roland Schönhart

Webshop management

SEKURUM GmbH - Competence

Gerold Tramposch

Business Manager


Our team has years of experience in all areas of security. We competently support, advise and plan solutions and products tailored to our customers.

Our motto is: We know everything. And what we don't know, we find out. We are happy to provide advice and support to all customers so that everyone can find the ideal safe for them with us.

Our references

Here you will find a selection of companies that we have been able to convince with our security products and service.

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Hypo Tirol
Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum
Stadtwerke Bayreuth
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Volksbank Tirol
Wiesbadener Volksbank
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