Document safes

Document Safes & File Cabinets

Organized and secure. The document safes by Tresor Online guarantee the highest safety and absolute reliability. You are looking for a suitable device so to ensure the perfect organization of your documents? Then our document safes and file cabinets are most certainly the right choice for you! On the website Tresor Online you will find an extensive selection of various document safes. Our first-rate safes will enable you to store your personal and business papers in a perfectly secure and organized manner. A special focus point concerning the storage of important documents is the protection from fires. Do not make the mistake of storing your documents in a regular wall safe. Paper is highly sensitive and requires a cautious storage possibility. Our safe models offer enough space to store entire file folders. The quality products offers via the Tresor Online are perfectly adapted to these requirements. Therefore, fire won't be a danger to your documents and certificates any more. If you require an exceptional fire protection we highly recommend a document safe which offers certified fire safety.

Certified Security Levels and Locking Systems for the Secure Storage of Your Documents

Document Safes
Document Safes

Chose one of our models which are available in various sizes, designs, and fire safety classes in order to make sure that your documents are protected in the future. Instead of differentiating between the security levels, we look at various fire protection classes:

  • Decent fire protection
  • 30-minutes fire protection
  • 60-minutes fire protection
  • 120-minutes fire protection

Our safes are characterized by an especially sturdy manufacturing. The corpus is designed so that the breakup of the safe is almost impossible. One of the most significant parts of a safe is the selection of the locking mechanism:

  • Mechanic or electronic combination lock
  • Double mortise security-lock with key

First-Rate Quality and Elegant Design - Visually Appealing and Assuredly Secure

On our website Tresor Online you will exclusively find quality products by renowned safe manufacturers. Our models are characterized by their high-quality materials and their compliance with latest security standards. You may enhance your models with LED-illumination, dehumidifiers, additional shelves and many more.

Our services at one glance:

  • First-rate brand quality by famous safe manufacturers
  • Fire safety and approved security locks
  • Modern design with configuration-options

Our document safes can also be used as furniture safes thanks to approved security locks, inlay hinges and modern designs, and, depending on your preference, they can be integrated into the flat's interior. Weight and outer measurements may vary depending on the model. Besides the highest-possible security, the aesthetic is also an essential aspect. The combination of an appealing design and highest security standards are what make the curated quality products on our Tresor Online website into an extensive selection of value protection safes. Select the model which visually matches with you and your interior design.

Free Shipping within Switzerland and Professional Installation if Requested

Sekuri's Tips for Document Safes

In our extensive range of document safes we offer first-rate brand products with the highest security for the best price. On our website Tresor Online you will receive not only quality-safe, but also:

  • The free shipping of your safe right to your doorstep
  • The professional anchoring of the safe by our employees

The safety of your customers is essential to us. This is why we want to provide you with the opportunity to securely store your products. Your satisfaction is the main focus of our efforts. Let yourself be convinced by our multifaceted safe-models.

You still have questions concerning our offers or our shipping and installation conditions? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly help you with the selection and configuration of your desired model!