Fire-proof safes

Fire-Proof Safes

Valuables, securely stored | The fire-proof safes guarantee highest safety and absolute reliability. You are in need for a suitable device which will protect your valuables and important documents from fires and theft? On our website Tresor Online you will find an extensive selection of fire-proof safes in numerous sizes and designs, with various protection periods and resistance levels. We offer document-, data-, and wall safes as well as innovative safes for hazardous substances, which are of high quality and also certified. Fire-proof safes will provide protection from flames, combustion gases and extinguishing water, and they are furthermore tamper-proof. Our fire-proof safes are especially suited for the storage of sensitive papers. Regardless if used at home or for your business - this safe can easily be integrated into your natural surroundings. Your valuables are hence perfectly hidden whilst being protected from theft and fires.

Fire-Proof Safes
Fire Proof Safes

Our safes are characterize by an especially sturdy built. The corpus is designed in a manner which makes the breakup of the safe nearly impossible. The pre-installed ground- and wall-anchoring impedes the stealing of the safe. One of the most important features is the selection of a locking-system:

  • Mechanic or electronic combination lock
  • Double mortise security-lock with keys
  • Electronic Lock - Control via Smartphone

Choose from on of our models which are available in various sizes, security classes and designs, so to ensure that your most precious items will be safe in the future.

Things You Should Know about a Fire-Proof Safe

On our website you are spoilt for choice between fire protection safes and fire-proof furniture safes. The corresponding models are available with various levels of fire protection:

  • Decent basic protection: 30-60 minutes in cases of fire
  • Certified protection: up to 120 minutes in cases of fire

Similarly to furniture safes, fire protection safes are also highly popular in Switzerland. They are small and compact and they can therefore be integrated into pieces of furniture, such as wardrobes and commodes. Fire-proof safes are especially popular in the private sector. Neither heat, flames, nor combustion gases may damage the safe thanks to a special kind of external insulation, a sturdy steel-casing and other fire resistant materials.

Fire protection safes are suited for those who are self-employed, those who have a business and those who work in an office. Safes with a fire and a burglary protection are especially ideal for the storage of valuables and important papers:

  • File Folders
  • Cash
  • Watches
  • Documents
  • Prescription medication
  • Items of personal value

Purchase Fire-Proof Safes Online

A safe is an investment for your whole life. When purchasing a safe, you should consider the amount of valuables which you want to store and you should also think ahead long-term. So to be on the safe side you should plan for more space than you need now. Should you plan to insure your money, you will have to consult the contract that comes with the safe - it will tell you which security level is required. We recommend a professional installation of fire-proof safes so that the safe cannot simply be stolen during burglaries.

First-rate Quality & Elegant Design - Visually Appealing and Assuredly Secure

Thanks to modern locking mechanisms and anchoring techniques, our safes provide maximum security. Our fire-proof document safe are operated with one of the following locking mechanisms:

  • Key lock with a special key
  • Combination lock
  • Electronic lock

Fire-proof safes are available with key locks (double mortise locks), combination locks, or electronic locks. Systems that are operated with a key are the simplest, but also the least secure option as keys are easily found. The combination code is considered the securest option for protecting your valuables. It is set by you and can changed as often as you want to.

Fire Protection Safes - Quickly Installed

There are various different gradations in connection to the built, the size and the design of fire-proof safes. The smallest models are approx. forty centimeters high. Criteriafor finding the fitting safes are weight, inner measurements and numbers of folders and shelves. Extensive accessories such as an interior safe, shelves, LED-illumination, and many more, can optionally be chosen for most of our models.

Free Shipping within Switzerland and Professional Installation if Requested

Sekuri's Tips for fire-proof safes

No matter if you are looking for a simple interior safe or an extravagant designer-model in various colors - our online shop offers you high-quality brand products by CLES and Sistec. Via Tresor Online you will not only receive cabinets of the finest quality of your choice, but also:

  • The free shipping of your safe right to your doorstep
  • The professional anchoring of the safe by our employees

The safety of your customers is essential to us. This is why we want to provide you with the opportunity to securely store your products. Your satisfaction is the main focus of our efforts. Let yourself be convinced by our multifaceted safe-models.

You still have questions concerning our offers or our shipping and installation conditions? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly help you with the selection and configuration of your desired model!