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  • Key Safes and Key Cabinets

    Organized and secure. The quality products by Tresor Online ensure the highest protection and absolute reliability. You are looking for a suitable device to ensure the perfect organization of your keys? Then the key safes are most certainly the right choice for you! On our website Tresor Online you will find an extensive selection of various key safes. With our high-rate safes you may store up to 600 keys in a perfectly secure and organized manner. Key safes, or key cabinets, are ideally suited for a protected and organized storing of a large amount of keys. Regardless if for the automobile trade ? for the safekeeping of car-keys, or for the storage of keys in a hotel - a key safe with hinges offers plenty of space for all areas of application. Smaller models or key cabinets are furthermore perfect for the private sector. Depending on your preference, key safes are available with pivoting plates, or with plates with a telescopic pull-out on which the keys may be hung onto.

    Our key-safes are characterized by an especially sturdy built. The corpus is designed in a manner which makes the breakup of the safe nearly impossible. One of the most important criteria is the selection of the locking systems:

    • Mechanic or electronic combination locks
    • Double mortise security-locks with key

    Choose one of our models which come at various sizes, security levels and designs, so to ensure that your keys will be safe in the future.

  • Rottner KeySystem 6 Electronic Key Safe Rottner KeySystem 6 Electronic Key Safe

    Rottner KeySystem 6 Electronic Key Safe

  • Rottner Keytronic 20 Electronic Key Safe

    Rottner Keytronic 20 Electronic Key Safe

  • Rottern Keytronic 48 Electronic Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-400-Kombi Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-144-AS-Kombi Key Safe

  • Müller Safe STZ100 Key Safe

  • Müller Safe STZ200 Key Safe

  • Müller Safe STZ60 Key Safe

  • Rottner Keytronic 100 Electronic Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-1088-AS Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-128 Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-144-AS Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-1680 Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-240 Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-2560 Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-280-AS Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-2880 Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-30-AS Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-3240 Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-400 Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-400-Kombi Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-504-AS Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-56 Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-72-AS Key Safe

  • Format STL 0-980 Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-1088-AS Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-128 Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-144-AS Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-144-AS-Kombi Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-1680 Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-240 Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-2560 Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-280-AS Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-2880 Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-30-AS Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-3240 Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-400 Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-504-AS Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-56 Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-72-AS Key Safe

  • Format STL 1-980 Key Safe

  • Müller Safe MST1-100 Key Safe

  • Müller Safe MST1-150 Key Safe

  • Müller Safe MST1-300 Key Safe

  • Müller Safe MST1-50 Key Safe

  • Müller Safe STZ140 Key Safe

  • Müller Safe STZ280 Key Safe

  • Müller Safe STZ350 Key Safe

  • Müller Safe STZ490 Key Safe

  • Müller Safe STZ637 Key Safe

  • Rottner Key Protect Key Safe Rottner Key Protect Key Safe

    Rottner Key Protect Key Safe

  • Security Classes for Key Safes

    Key Safes / Key Cabinets
    Key Safes

    Just as with every other value protection safe, we also recommend to consider the certification in compliance with the European Norm (EN 1143-1, EN 14450) when it comes to key safes. By doing so, you can ensure that you will purchase a product of high quality.

    The insurance value is significantly lower for key safes than it is for value protection safes. The higher the class of key safes, the better your valuables will be protected. Certified safes in accordance with the European Norm (EN 1143-1, EN 14450) come with a strong armoring, which makes it harder for criminals to open the safe. Information about the security level can be found on the stickers on the safe's inside. If your safe is fire- and tamper-proof, you will find two additional stickers.

    For the burglary-protection of high-quality safes, the European Norm (EN 1143-1) is especially decisive.Products in accordance with the European Norm EN 1143-1 must undergo a type test, certification and a external quality surveillance. A consistent quality is guaranteed as they are subjected to regular testing. Numerous of our safe models (security class EN) are fire-proof.

    The advantages of tested safes

    • Protection from intrusions and fire
    • Approved locking mechanisms
    • Study design

    Free Shipping within Switzerland and Professional Installation if Requested

    Sekuri's Tips for Key Safes

    Our large variety of key safes offers you high-quality brand products with the highest security for the best price. Via Tresor Online you will not only receive cabinets of the finest quality of your choice, but also:

    • The free shipping of your safe right to your doorstep
    • The professional anchoring of the safe by our employees

    The safety of your customers is essential to us. This is why we want to provide you with the opportunity to securely store your products. Your satisfaction is the main focus of our efforts. Let yourself be convinced by our multifaceted safe-models.

    You still have questions concerning our offers or our shipping and installation conditions? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly help you with the selection and configuration of your desired model!