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Rifle Cabinets

Securely store your rifles | These quality products by Tresor Online ensure the highest protection and absolute reliability. Carriers of service weapons, hunters, sports marksmen and private gun owners who value a professional handling of guns and ammunition purchase their safes on our website. Here, you may find the suitable gun cabinets of every class (resistance level) for rifles, hunting guns and shotguns. The gun cabinets comply with all legal requirements in the Swiss weapons law by offering a variety of models. It would be best for you too look into your desired product in advance. Select the safe with a security level that is required by your guns. The aesthetic is also an essential part. Our safes convince due to their sleek, yet appealing design, which visually creates a great added value. No matter if gun cabinet or gun safe - our products are described in great detail, so that you may quickly find the one safe which perfectly fits your needs.