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  • Strong Rooms

    Valuables, securely stored | The quality products on our website Tresor Online offer the highest security and absolute reliability. You are in need for a device which will allow you to store a large amount of valuables? Then the strong rooms available on our website Tresor Online might be the right choice for you. Strong rooms can easily be integrated in already existing rooms. The modular design fulfills all the requirements of a secure safe and are also space-saving. The corpus is constructed in such a way that makes the opening of the safe almost impossible. All our models comply with the European Norm EN-1143-1, and were tested and certified by the ECB-S, as well as the VdS, which is why best quality and highest requirements are met. The compact modular design allows for a quick construction of the strong rooms. The strong room's doors can be furnished with any desired high security locks. Such a lock is extremely secure and can hardly be picked. Strong rooms are not bound to one place or room. You can dismantle and move them as often as you please.

  • Primat 015 Value Protection Safe EN0

  • Primat 015 Value Protection Safe EN0

  • One of the Most Important Things is Choosing a Locking System

    • Mechanic and electronic combination lock
    • Double mortise security-lock with key
    • Electronic lock

    Security Classes for Strong Rooms in Austria

    Very Secure Protection Private Sector Commercial Sector
    Security class: EN0 - -
    Security class: EN1 bis CHF 5.000,- bis CHF 5.000,-

    The higher the classification of your strong room, the better your valuables will be stored. Certified safes in compliance with the Euronorm (EN 1143-1, EN 14450) have a strong armoring, which makes it more difficult for intruders to access it.

    The Security Classes in Detail

    Strong Room
    Strong Room

    The security classes and resistance levels will provide information about the protection of your valuables. This will serve as a guideline in correlation to the extent of the insured sums. This guideline has to be adapted to the stored items. You should choose a security levels which corresponds to the worth and possessions within your strong room. The needed level is often calculated to low. Should you chose a safe that is extremely secure you will be spared the high insurance premium.

    The European Norm (EN 1143-1) is especially decisive when it comes to the burglary protection of high-quality safes. Products which comply with the European Norm EN 1143-1 have to undergo type testing, certification and external quality surveillance. A consistent quality is ensured as they have to be approved by regular testings.

    The Advantages of Tested Strong Rooms

    • Protection from theft and fires
    • Approved locking mechanisms
    • Sturdy design

    Free Shipping within Switzerland and Professional Installation if Requested

    Sekuri's Tips for Strong Rooms

    Our large range of strong rooms offers you first-rate brand products (Primat) with the highest security for the best price. On our website Tresor Online you will receive not only quality-safe, but also:

    • the free shipping of your safe right to your doorstep
    • the professional anchoring of the safe by our employees

    The safety of your customers is essential to us. This is why we want to provide you with the opportunity to securely store your products. Your satisfaction is the main focus of our efforts. Let yourself be convinced by our multifaceted safe models.

    You still have questions concerning our offers or our shipping and installation conditions? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly help you with the selection and configuration of your desired model!

    On the website Tresor Online you can also find other types of safes, such as gun cabinets, furniture safes and many more.