Furniture safes

Furniture Safes & Closet Safes

Safely stored valuables | These quality products by Tresor Online ensure the best protection and absolute reliability. You are looking for a suitable option to securely store your valuables and most important documents? Our furniture safes will certainly be the right solution for you! On our website Tresor Online you will find an extensive selection of various closet- and furniture safes. These safes can easily be integrated into a piece of furniture, as the name already suggests. Furniture- and closet safes are comparably small, which makes them fit anywhere. They can easily be installed into closets or commodes. Your valuables will hence be perfectly hidden and protected from numerous burglaries. Our safes are characterizes by an especially study design. The corpus is constructed in manner that will make the breakup almost impossible. The pre-installed wall- and ground-anchoring will impede theft of the safe. One of the most important factors is selection of the locking system:

  • Mechanic or electronic combination lock
  • Double mortise security-lock with keys
  • Electronic lock - Control via your Smartphone

Select one of our models which come with different sizes, security levels and designs - so that you may ensure the future safety of your possessions.