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  • Wall Cabinets & Wall Safes

    Perfectly hidden and space-saving. The quality products by Tresor Online ensure the highest safety and the best reliability. You are in need of a fitting safe which will help you to store small valuables, important documents and keys? One of our wall safes might be the right choice for you! On our website Tresor Online you may find an extensive variety of wall safes in various sizes. Due to the possibility of installing it in the wall and an optional disguise as a regular socket, these safes are almost undetectable for unauthorized persons. If they are found, however, a sturdy anchoring prevents them from being stolen. Wall safes are discreet, hardly take up any space and may therefore be integrated into almost every room. Valuables are hence perfectly hidden and protected from theft. Our safes are furthermore characterized by an especially robust manufacturing. The corpus is made from steel and is equipped with a armored safe door, which makes a break-up almost impossible.

  • CLES illusion socket safe CLES illusion socket safe

    CLES illusion socket safe

  • Müller Safe STW1 Socket Safe Müller Safe STW1 Socket Safe

    Müller Safe STW1 Socket Safe

  • Müller Safe WL30 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VCO6 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe WB44 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe WLO60 Wall Safe

  • Camaleonte DE1 Socket Safe Camaleonte DE1 Socket Safe

    Camaleonte DE1 Socket Safe

  • Müller Safe VC4 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VC5 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VCO4 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VNO5 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe WB60 Wall Safe

  • Camaleonte DE2 Socket Safe

    Camaleonte DE2 Socket Safe

  • CLES wall 801 Wall Safe CLES wall 801 Wall Safe

    CLES wall 801 Wall Safe

  • Format R 2 tube safe

  • Müller Safe VC3 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe WB28 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe WB36 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe WL27 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe WLO45 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe WLO80 Wall Safe

  • ANDROMEDA 35 Wall Safe

  • ANDROMEDA 45 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall AF5 wall safe

  • Müller Safe VC6 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VC8 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VCO10 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VN2 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VN4 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VNO4 Wall Safe

  • ANDROMEDA 100 Wall Safe

  • ANDROMEDA 20 Wall Safe

  • ANDROMEDA 55 Wall Safe

  • Camaleonte DE3 Socket Safe Camaleonte DE3 Socket Safe

    Camaleonte DE3 Socket Safe

  • CLES secret Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 1001-20 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 1001-25 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 1001-37 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 1002-20 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 1002-25 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 1002-37 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 1003-20 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 1003-25 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 1003-37 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 1004-20 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 1004-25 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 1004-37 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 802-25 Wall Safe CLES wall 802-25 Wall Safe

    CLES wall 802-25 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 802-37 Wall Safe CLES wall 802-37 Wall Safe

    CLES wall 802-37 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 803-25 Wall Safe CLES wall 803-25 Wall Safe

    CLES wall 803-25 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall 803-37 Wall Safe CLES wall 803-37 Wall Safe

    CLES wall 803-37 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall AF1 wall safe

  • CLES wall AF2 wall safe

  • CLES wall AF3 wall safe

  • CLES wall AF4 Wall Safe

  • CLES wall AF6 wall safe

  • Format R 1 tube safe

  • Format Wega 10-260 Wall Safe

  • Format Wega 20-260 Wandtresor Format Wega 20-260 Wandtresor

    Format Wega 20-260 Wandtresor

  • Format Wega 20-380 Wall Safe

  • Format Wega 30-380 Wall Safe

  • Format Wega 40-380 Wall Safe

  • Format Wega 50-380 Wall Safe

  • Format Wega 60-380 Wall Safe

  • Format Wega 70-380 Wall Safe

  • Format Wega 80-380 Wall Safe

  • Format Wega 80-500 Wall Safe

  • Format Wega 90-500 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VC2 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VCO12 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VCO5 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VCO8 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VN3 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VN5 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VN6 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VN8 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VNO10 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VNO12 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VNO6 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe VNO8 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe WL45 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe WLO100 Wall Safe

  • Müller Safe WLO30 Wall Safe

  • Rottner Delta 30 Wall Safe

  • Rottner Delta 40 Wall Safe Rottner Delta 40 Wall Safe

    Rottner Delta 40 Wall Safe

  • First-Rate Quality & Elegant Design - Visually Appealing and Certainly Secure

    Wall Safes
    Wall Safes

    When it comes to wall safes the security classes range from a decent protection (resistance level VDMA 24992 A and B, VdS S1 and S2) up to a high protection for your valuables (class EN 1143-1 level 0 to level 3).

    Just as with all safes we recommend that you also consider a certification which complies with the Euronorm (EN 1143-1, EN 14450) when you choose a wall safe. By doing so, you will have the certainty that you have purchased a quality product. The higher the resistance level, the better your stored valuables will be protected.

    Depending on the property and worth of the items you want to store in your safes you should choose the right security level (A, B, EN etc.) and afterwards insure your safe correspondingly. Wall safes have a significantly lower insurance value than value protection safes. Concerning the classic type of wall safes, you may choose between the following security classes:

    • Decent Protection - Class A and B
    • Medium Protection - Class S1 (EN 14450) and S2 (EN 14450)
    • High Protection - Class EN 1143-1 level 0 to level 1

    The Security Classes in Detail

    Safes that correspond to security level S1 and S2 in compliance with EN 14450 are models with more safety than those with security class A and B, but less than those who align with the European Norm EN. The security cabinets have to undergo specific examination procedures.

    • Security Class S1 & S2 - secure burglary protection, protection from smaller fires, anchoring tests for free-standing safes

    The higher the class of the wall safe, the better your valuables are protected. Certified safes which align with the Euronorm (EN 1143-1, EN 14450) come with a strong armoring, which makes it significantly more difficult for criminals to access them. You may find information about the security levels on the stickers attached to the door's inner side. If your safe is both fire- and tamper-proof, you may find two additional stickers.

    Steel cabinets may be assigned with security level A or B, in compliance with the VDMA 24992, if the construction requirements are met.

    • Security class A - decent burglary protection, no protection from fires
    • Security class B - limited burglary protection, protection from small fires

    The European Norm (EN 1143-1) is especially decisive when it comes to the burglary protection of high-quality safes. Products which comply with the European Norm EN 1143-1 have to undergo type testing, certification and external quality surveillance. A consistent quality is ensured as they have to be approved by regular testings. Many of our safe models (Security level EN) are also fire-proof.

    The advantages of approved safes:

    • Protection from intrusion and fires
    • Approved locking mechanisms
    • Sturdy design

    Things You Should Know about Wall Safes

    Wall safes are especially popular in the private sector and with collectors. They are also suited for those who work independently, those who run a business, or those who work in an office. Wall safes are not only cheaper in comparison to other safe types, but they are also easily installed into the wall due to their compact design. It is especially advisable to consider the purchase of a wall safe in the course of a new construction or a renovation. You should, however, consider aspects such as wall thickness, concrete mixture and the protection of operating elements from moisture before installing your safe.

    Due to their insignificant weight we advise you to get the safe professionally installed. This compact safe is suited for a secure storage of items with a medium to high value:

    • Jewelery
    • Cash
    • Passbooks
    • Bank / Credit Cards
    • Passport
    • Items of personal value

    Wall safe can vary in their height, width and depth, depending on the casing. For a secure storage of smaller items a tube- or socket safe are most certainly ideally suited, as they are nearly undetectable.

    Locking Mechanisms of Wall Safes

    These safes and gun cabinets offer maximum security due to their modern locking mechanisms and anchoring techniques. Wall safes can be operated by one of the following locking mechanisms:

    • Key lock with special keys
    • Double mortise security lock (Combination lock)
    • Electronic Lock (additional feature for CLES wall safes)

    Systems that are operated with a key are the simplest, but also the least secure option as keys are easily found. The combination code is considered the securest option for protecting your valuables. It is set by you and can changed as often as you want to.

    IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your wall safe is professionally and securely installed, so to avoid and damage (especially to the electronic locks). In order to do so, you may access our manual here: Manual for Wall Safes.

    Free Shipping within Switzerland and Professional Installation if Requested

    Sekuri's Tips for Wall Safes

    Our range of wall safes will offer you high-quality brand products (Müller, CLES, Camaleonte, Wega) with the highest security for the best possible price. On our website Tresor Online you will receive not only quality-safe, but also:

    • the free shipping of your safe right to your doorstep
    • the professional anchoring of the safe by our employees

    The safety of your customers is essential to us. This is why we want to provide you with the opportunity to securely store your products. Your satisfaction is the main focus of our efforts. Let yourself be convinced by our multifaceted safe models.

    You still have questions concerning our offers or our shipping and installation conditions? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly help you with the selection and configuration of your desired model!