DSGVO compliant Safes

This is how you find DSGVO-compliant safes

The implementation of the EU basic data protection regulation (DSGVO), which is to be applied starting with 25.05.2018, requires for many companies the purchase of a safe - for the storage of paper documents as well as electronic data carriers containing personal data.

What one could easily and generally overlook (but of course: should not): An elementary of the basic data protection regulation (DSGVO) is a secure and legally compliant storage of physical data carriers (documents). Ideally in a safe.

Article 5 of the DSGVO requires that personal data must be stored in a manner that insures an appropriate security of the data. This includes protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and, of course, against loss, destruction or damage (even if these incidents are unintentional).

Criteria when choose a DSGVO-compliant safe are, for example, the security level, fire safety, and the knowledge of an expert. Because: A safe is not just a safe.

DSGVO-Implementation: Tips for the selection of a safe

Personal data must be stored in a way that they can be found at any time. Should they, for example, be needed for the compliance with the obligation to provide information.

Safes are certainly suited best for a storage of paper-documents - but also for digital storage units such as USB sticks, hard drives etc. - which is both secure and legally compliant a storage.

So, what should you watch out for when purchasing a safe?

DSGVO Zertifikat
Our tips for a DSGVO-compliant safe:
  • Security Class: at leas EN1 according to EN1143-1, tested and certified by the ECB-S or VdS
  • Fire Safety: at least 30 minutes tested and certified fire safety
  • Locking Mechanism: Certified double mortise high-security-lock or electronic lock with emergency locking function
  • Folder-depth: When it comes tot he storage of folders, make sure that the safe's interior has the necessary depth
  • Anchoring: Make sure that your safes are professionally installed
Tip: Pay attention to our DSGVO KONFORM sticker when buying a safe. If you buy a safe with this sticker you are on the safest side.

Tip 1: The Security Level

Safes and locks should be certified by renowned European testing laboratories (e.g. ECB-S, VdS). The security badge on the inside of the door provides information about the security level of the safe.

Essential in connection to your insurance: Inform yourself prior to purchasing a safe which security level is accepted by your insurance company, so that your documents can be appropriately stored - but also: that they ca be insured.

Insurance is necessary especially when you store not only documents, but also valuables. Talk to your insurance consultant to find out which security level you need - especially when documents and valuables are stored together.

Tip 2: The Fire Safety

When purchasing a safe you should certainly consider and test the fire safety: The safe you chose should protect the documents not only from heat, but also from moisture.

Consider how long your safe should resist a fire. Are 30 minutes enough or should your documents be protected from fire for up to two hours?

Should mainly digital data carriers be stored, it is advisable to look into certified data safes. These are better suited for such purposes in comparison to "regular" safes

Tip 3: Only trust experienced professionals

It is generally applicable: Get a consultation only from a experienced professional in the security area and only purchase from reputable suppliers. In order to clarify this question, consult the imprint on the company's homepage: Is the company even a member of the professional group of the Chamber of Commerce? If not: Hands off!

Inform yourself prior to your purchase which safe complies best with your demands concerning burglary and fire safety, and which lock-type (Electronic Lock, Double Mortise Lock, Mechanic Combination Lock) is most suited for you – and with which solution you can implement the requirements of the DSGVO

As already mentioned: In case of doubt, make sure you get the assistance of your insurance advisor.

Security-certified safes are the practical solution to keep important documents secure and stored in compliance with the law. Here the rule of thumb: As a buyer, you should only contact respectable suppliers who comply with all the requirements and rules, and which are periodically reviewed and which, last but not least, offer a consultation by experienced and continuously trained experts.

Product Recommendation:

Müller Safe PEW 80 Document Safe

Müller Safe PEW 80 Document Safe Müller Safe PEW 80 Document Safe Certificate
  • Security Class EN1 according to EN1143-1, tested and certified by VdS
  • 60 minutes fire protection in accordance with EN 1047-1 S60P
  • Locking mechanism through a certified double mortise high-security-lock or electronic lock
  • Plenty of Space for the storage of up to 12 file folders
  • Equipped with an anchoring in the base plate
  • Also available in a number of different sizes

With these safes you ae perfectly equipped for the DSGVO and you can be sure that your documents will be safely stored.

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