consulting safe purchase

Consulting safe purchase

You want to buy a safe, but you don't really know what to pay attention for? No problem! We are happy to help you find the perfect safe. Just look through the points below step by step and you will find out what is important when buying a safe. And if there are still any uncertainties: Just contact us, we are here for you!

What do you want to insure?

Private use

Tresor Private Nutzung

Fields of application:
e.g. jewelry, cash, coins, watches, documents, weapons, certificates, bank statements, savings books, checks, stamp collection, family documents, personal belongings, photographic equipment, diplomas

Commercial use

Tresor Gewerbliche Nutzung

Fields of application:
e.g. business documents, patient data, balance sheets, medications, data carriers, personnel files, accounts, petty cash, contracts, research documents, EDP papers, change, films, balance sheets, expert opinions, classified information, plans, videotapes

Tip: safe size
Our tip:

Plan for future additional valuables when buying a safe

Take your time to think about your space requirements. It is important that you also think of items that will be added in the safe in future.

The purchase of a safe is for eternity, so it is definitely sensible to choose the safe larger than is currently needed.

To have enough space in your safe in the future and save yourself an expensive new acquisition. The price difference between small and larger models is also often very small!

Do you need your safe in a very specific size?

We are happy to help you! In addition to our extensive range of safes in all sizes, you also have the option of obtaining a safe in the exact dimensions you require. Simply ask us without obligation:

Request safe made to measure

Safes without security classes are usually just double-walled cabinets with 3-5mm steel sheet.

If burglary protection is required or if a certain security level is stipulated by the insurance company, several classes with different certifications are available.

Safety classes according to VDMA and EN14450 (light protection)

Security level A *

Protection against light mechanically acting burglary tools, no burglary protection.

Security level B *

Protection against light mechanically acting burglary tools and against light fires.

Security level S1
S1 EN14450

Protection against mechanically acting burglary tools.

Security level S2
S2 EN14450

Protection against mechanically acting burglary tools and protection against light fires.

* The VDMA-24992 standard sheet has been withdrawn without replacement..

Safety classes according to EN1143-1 (hight protection)

EN 0/N
EN0 EN1143-1

Sums insured*:
commercial: CHF -
private: CHF -

Resistance units (RU)**:
Partial breakthrough: 30 RU
Complete breakthrough: 30 RU

to the safes in class 0
EN 1
EN1 EN1143-1

Sums insured*:
commercial: CHF 5.000,00
private: CHF 5.000,00

Resistance units (RU)**:
Partial breakthrough: 30 RU
Complete breakthrough: 50 RU

to the safes in class 1
EN 2
EN2 EN1143-1

Sums insured*:
commercial: CHF 20.000,00
private: CHF 50.000,00

Resistance units (RU)**:
Partial breakthrough: 50 RU
Complete breakthrough: 80 RU

to the safes in class 2
EN 3
EN3 EN1143-1

Sums insured*:
commercial: CHF 50.000,00
private: CHF 100.000,00

Resistance units (RU)**:
Partial breakthrough: 80 RU
Complete breakthrough: 120 RU

to the safes in class 3
EN 4
EN4 EN1143-1

Sums insured*:
commercial: CHF 100.000,00
private: CHF 200.000,00

Resistance units (RU)**:
Partial breakthrough: 120 RU
Complete breakthrough: 180 RU

to the safes in class 4
EN 5
EN5 EN1143-1

Sums insured*:
Gewerbe: CHF 200.000,00
Privat: CHF 500.000,00

Resistance units (RU)**:
Partial breakthrough: 180 RU
Complete breakthrough: 270 RU

to the safes in class 5

Safes certified according to EN1143-1 have a defined and type-tested burglary protection against attacks with mechanically and thermally acting tools.

Especially when it comes to protecting valuables, cash and important documents, the quality of the valuables container should play a major role at the time of purchase. Nothing is more annoying than having saved in the wrong place and then not being able to adequately protect your material and personal assets in the event of a burglary.

Note: By using a burglar alarm system (EMA), the insurance coverage can be doubled.

* The values given are indicative, please clarify the sums insured with your insurance advisor.
. ** The type test is carried out according to resistance units RU (RU = Resistant Unit). The more RU or resistance units, the higher the Euro standard EN resistance grade.

Our Tip:

Due to the fact that burglars have become much more professional and equipped in recent years, we recommend only safes tested and certified by VdS and ECB-S for the best possible safekeeping of your valuables. These products are tested according to strict guidelines and offer much better protection against forced opening than safes without a test certificate. As a rule, these safes also do not cost significantly more than untested ones, but the additional cost of purchase is definitely worth it.

Tested and certified Value protection safes with an optimal price/performance ratio you will find e.g. with our product range PRIMAT from Security class EN1.

Light fire protection


Light fire protection according to DIN4102

30 minutes fire protection

30 min

30 minuten acc. to EN15669 (LFS30P)
30 minutes acc. to UL 72

60 minutes fire protection

60 min

60 minutes acc. ot EN1047-1 (S60P)
60 minutes acc. to EN15669 (LFS60P)
60 minutes acc. to NT Fire 017-60P

120 minutes fire protection

120 min

120 minutes acc. to EN1047-1 (S120P)
120 minutes acc. to UL 72

Check if you need certified fire protection.
Most safes from insurance class EN1 already have light fire protection as standard.
But if you want to make sure everything is secure, you need a safe with certified fire protection.

LFS30P - 30 minutes at 840°C
S60P/S120P - 60 and 120 minutes at 1090°C (Paper)
S60DIS/S120DIS - 60 and 120 minutes at 1090°C (Data mediums)

Tresorschloss - Schlüsselschloss

Key lock

  • You do not need to remember an opening code - and only the people who have a key have access to the safe
  • It may also happen that the burglars search the apartment for keys, causing significant damage
  • The keys are usually very large and therefore unhandy to carry around
  • The costs in case of loss are very high
Tresorschloss - Elektronikschloss

Electronic lock

  • Electronic locks are opened with a PIN code. So there are no keys to hide, which can be lost, or which can fall into the wrong hands
  • The combination can be changed quickly and easily if necessary
  • In case of urgent access during your absence, the code can be transmitted by phone
  • Batteries should be replaced once a year as a precaution, but the safe can be opened even when the batteries are empty by means of a so-called emergency power supply
Tresorschloss - Mechanische Zahlenkombination

Mechanical number combination

  • As with electronic locks, no key is needed to open them, which can be lost or stolen
  • very robust and reliable, can also be used in damp rooms and rooms below the frost line
  • complicadet to use, requires a steady hand and a good eye and concentration when setting the number combination
  • Changing the number combination or code is time-consuming, a changeover key is required.
Tipp: Elektronikschloss mit Notöffnung
Our Tip:

High-quality electronic locks also have a mechanical emergency opening feature

Our safe lock recommendations:

For optimum ease of use, extensive options and best safety, we recommend the use of high quality electronic lock, which also feature amechanical emergancy opening, in case the electronic lock is broken or the safe can not be opend anymore.

Through our years of experience, we can offer the following high quality locks to every customer:

Price tip:
Electronic lock TULOX
Elektronikschloss TULOX

The cost-effective variant with mechanical emergency opening.

High quality and secure:
Electronic lock CB90
Elektronikschloss CB90

Swiss quality lock with mechanical emergency opening

Best quality and fully redundant:
Electronic lock PAXOS
Elektronikschloss CB90

The best safe lock on the market.

Especially with large and heavy products like safes and strongboxes, the question of delivery and professional installation rises.

We offer free curbside delivery additionally a cost-effective and professional Contract Service and Assembly.

In general, a safe under 1000 kg must always be anchored. This is not only prescribed by many insurance companies, but also ensures optimum security, as the safe cannot simply be stolen.

Anchoring of the safe:

Insertion by trained professionals. We strongly recommend the insertion and anchoring by trained professionals, since most safes without anchoring can weden simply taken by burglars. Also, the professional anchoring of the safe is required by many insurance companies. We carry out this work professionally and cost-effectively for you. For prices, please see the menu item Delivery and Assembly.

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