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  • Gun Safes & Gun Cabinets

    Guns and ammunition securely stored in first-rate quality safes and gun cabinets for small firearms. Our range of gun cabinets for small firearms with various security levels offer the perfect basis for securely storing small firearms of every kind in a legally conforming and secure manner. These safes hence comply with the legally applicable guidelines for the correct storage of guns. It is without question that all our gun cabinets for small arms, and gun safes, come with the appropriate security levels and certifications, which is how a proof of the proper storage may be given to the responsible officials at any time.
  • Format KWT 3100 Handgun Safe Format KWT 3100 Handgun Safe

    Format KWT 3100 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 10100 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 3000 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 4000 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 4100 Handgun Safe Format KWT 4100 Handgun Safe

    Format KWT 4100 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 5000 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 5100 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 7100 Handgun Safe

  • Format CERVO KWT 10 Handgun Safe

  • Format CERVO KWT 15 Handgun Safe

  • Format CERVO KWT 20 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 1000 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 1100 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 2000 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 2100 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 7000 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 800 Handgun Safe

  • Format KWT 900 Handgun Safe

  • Gun Safes and Gun Cabinets for Small Firearms

    Gun cabinets for Small Firearms
    Gun Cabinets for Small Firearms

    Regardless if for hunters, passionate amateur shooters, enthusiasts about antique gun models or persons who have to own guns due to professional reasons. Gun-owners are obliged to store guns in an orderly and secure manner which will also disable the access by unwanted persons. This is why it is necessary to own a high-quality gun cabinet or a gun safe which complies with the currently applicable legal regulations and laws and hence allows for the storage of your own guns. On our website Tresor Online you are provided with a variety of the best quality gun cabinets and gun safes of famous manufactures.

    Highest Quality & Elegant Design - Visually Appealing and Certainly Secure!

    Our safes and gun cabinets are characterized by the usage of first-rate materials during the manufacturing process and their compliance with the latest security standards. On our website Tresor Online you will exclusively find high-quality brand products by renowned safe manufacturers at licensed security levels.

    • First-rate brand products
    • Fire protection & approved security locks
    • Modern design with configuration options

    What is more, all safe models come with an integrated fire protection and are therefore suited to store not only guns, but also their corresponding documents and papers. It is due to approved security locks and inlay hinges, as well as a modern design, that these safes can also be used as furniture safes and may seamlessly be integrated into the apartment's interior.

    Highest possible security and visually appealing designs are what we can offer you on our website Tresor Online. Because a gun cabinet should not only be practical and secure; no, it can also be visually appealing.

    Certified Security Levels for a Legally Conforming Storage of your Guns

    Security is an essential part of using guns of any kind on a regular basis. This is why the legislators decided that guns and riffles may only be stored in gun cabinets and safes, which comply with a licensed security level and are therefore suited for the storage of guns.

    All our cabinets for short firearms and safes are certified with such a security level, which also have to align with various types and models of guns you might want to store. You will find, inter alia, cabinets with the following security levels:

    • Security class B in compliance with VDMA 24992
    • Security class S1 in compliance with EN 14450
    • Security class S2 in compliance with EN 14450

    What is more, these safes and gun cabinets have maximum security thanks to modern locking mechanisms and anchoring techniques. After having installed them into your home, these safes and gun cabinets will allow you to securely store up to six short firearms in the safe's interior, depending on the model. What is even more, a number of models allow you to safely store not only guns, but also other essential utensils, documents and valuables.

    Free Shipping within Switzerland and Professional Installation if Requested

    Regardless if you are looking for an interior safe for up to five short firearms or for one of our appealing gun cabinets - we present you with or range of safes and gun cabinets, which are brand products of the highest quality with the best possible security. Perfect for the safekeeping of short arms and the best price for an excellent service. Because on our website Tresor Online you will receive not only high-quality gun cabinets, but also:

    • the free shipping of your safe right to your doorstep
    • if requested, the delivery of your safe or gun cabinet up to the place of installation.
    • if requested, the professional anchoring of the safe by our employees

    The safety of your customers is essential to us. This is why we want to provide you with the opportunity to securely store your products. Your satisfaction is the main focus of our efforts. Let yourself be convinced by our multifaceted gun cabinets and safes.

    You still have questions concerning our offers or our shipping and installation conditions? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly help you with the selection and configuration of your desired model!