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Valuables, securely stored | The quality products by Tresor Online ensure highest protection and absolute reliability . You are looking for a suitable device to securely store your most important valuables and documents? Our value protection safes might be the right choice for you! On our website Tresor Online you may find an extensive selection of various safe models. These will help you to perfectly protect your valuables from theft. Our safes are suited for the usage in the private sector just as in businesses. The products are characterized by an especially sturdy manufacturing. The corpus is constructed in a manner that will make the forceful opening almost impossible. the pre-installed wall- and floor anchoring makes it even harder to steal these safes. All models which we offer here comply with the European Norm EN-1143-1 (resistance level) and were tested and certified by the ECB-S as well as the VdS. They can therefore ensure the best quality and will fulfill even the highest requirements.