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CLES wall 802-37 Wall Safe with key lock

Category: Wall safes
  • GTIN: 8429408003635
779 CHF
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  • Delivery time:
    3 Wochen
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Security grade Without classification
Fire resistance Light fire protection
Ext. dim. HxWxD 350x465x370 mm
Int. dim. HxWxD 270x405x315 mm
Door Opening HxW 278x383 mm
Weight 25 kg
Volume 35 liter
Shelves 1


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Additional keys to your double mortise lock
Additional key for your safe
+109 CHF
One key for multiple safes
When ordering safes belonging to the series CLES smart/wall 800, 1000 as well as CLES dep/sub you will have the option to order them keyed alike, so that you will only have to use one key for all safes of the delivery. please Note: For every key that should be keyed alike, this feature has to be chosen.
+46 CHF
practical and popular accessories for your safe
X-Light LED-illumination
+35 CHF
Keeps your cabinets and safes dry – Convenient dehumidifier made from natural granulate for safes and cabinets which protects from rust, mold and a musty smell.
+20 CHF
Protect your certificates, passports, cash, photographs, business letters, birth certificates, etc., inside of your safe with this heat-resistant document case.
+60 CHF
80x265x375 mm | 2 kg
+91 CHF
Value protection safe with excellent price-performance ratio. Tested and certified to security level EN1 acc. to EN1143-1 by ECB-S and VdS guarantees a high burglary protection.
+59 CHF
Convenient saving package for an optimal furnishing of your wall safe. The savings package includes a X-Light LED safe illumination with a motion sensor, a Safe Dry dehumidifier for cabinets and safes, and a GunControl gun lock. Take advantage from our unbeatable special price.
+75 CHF
Temper proof deposit slot with an anti-fishing system.
Measurements WxH: 125x10 mm
Please Note: Not available with a left-sided door hinge!
Manipulationssicherer Einwurfschlitz mit Anti-Fishing System
Maße BxH: 125x10 mm
+24 CHF Quantity: 1
Optional door hinge on the left side
Please Note: when selecting the door hinge on the left side, your delivery will take approx. four weeks longer.
+90,73 CHF Quantity: 1
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incl. 7,7% VAT incl. shipping costs

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Features of CLES wall 802-37 Wall Safe with key lock

CLES wall 800
Quick Information: Type CLES wall 800
  • Door and frame each 8 mm thick
  • Corpus made out of 1,5 mm thick steel
  • 801: Four bolts with a diameter of 20mm (Two on each side, one on top, one on bottom)
  • 802-803: Five bolts with a diameter of 20mm (Three on each side, one on top, one on bottom)
  • Epoxy-polyester-varnish, polymerized at 180°C
  • Handle: 11mm protruding
  • Varnish: RAL 5009 (azure blue)
Quick Information: Double Mortise Lock
Double Mortise Lock
  • Approved security lock
  • Two keys
  • Accessible with the keys only
Delivery and Assembly Service
  • FREE OF CHARGE delivery to your doorstep!
  • If requested, we offer delivery to the point of installation!
  • Professional installation of the safe is provided for only a slight extra charge!

Please note when purchasing this safe:

  • The safe's weight must not exceed the maximal static load of neither the delivery way nor the place of installation.
  • The ordered safe must not be wider than the delivery way's narrowest point (Please note: The provided measurements of the safe might be bigger due to fittings / electronics and packaging material!).
  • For a smoother execution of the delivery commission we would encourage you to complete and submit our transport questionnaire

Further information for both delivery and installation, as well as possible extra charges, can be found here: Delivery & Installation.
If additional questions should arise, please contact us through our FREE OF CHARGE HOTLINE or through our contact form: Consultation & Service. We would love to be of assistance!

Information: We exclusively work together with reputable specialized transport enterprises. Feel free to contact us if you should have any special requests concerning the delivery and installation.

Product Chart CLES wall 800
MODEL Outer measurements in mm Inner measurements in mm Capacity Weight
Height Width Depth *1 Height Width Depth (L) (kg)
wall 801 260 360 250 180 300 195 11 13
wall 802-25 350 465 250 270 405 195 22 21
wall 802-37 350 465 370 270 405 315 35 25
wall 803-25 485 465 250 405 405 195 32 29
wall 803-37 485 465 370 405 405 315 52 32

*1: The outer measurements (depth) mentioned in the size chart increases in about 11 mm due to the handle-fitting.

Size Chart
CLES wall 801 Wandtresor CLES wall 802-25 CLES wall 802-37 CLES wall 803-25 CLES wall 803-37 Safe Size Chart

Delivery & Assembly

0,00 CHF
Vertragen Verwendungsort
329,00 CHF
Please note the following when purchasing a safe:

The weight of the safe must not exceed the maximum static weight of the installation location and transport route

The ordered safe must not be wider than the narrowest point of the transport route. (Note: Due to any protruding fittings/electronics as well as packaging material, the outer dimensions of the safe indicated may increase!)

For a smoother transport process, it is recommended to fill out the transport questionnaire and submit it to us
Delivery & assembly in Switzerland & Liechtenstein

All information about delivery and assembly, as well as any possible costs can be found here: Delivery & Assembly.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at our toll-free hotline or our contact form: Consulting & Service. We are happy to assist you!

Note: We work exclusively with reputable specialized transport companies. If you have a special request for assembly or delivery, please feel free to contact us!


Security grade: Without classification
Fire resistance: Light fire protection
Ext. dim. HxWxD: 350x465x370 mm
Int. dim. HxWxD: 270x405x315 mm
Door Opening HxW: 278x383 mm
Weight: 25 kg
Volume: 35 liter
Shelves: 1


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